A BIG List of Sites Women Entrepreneurs Can Score Media Exposure

One of the most effective ways to get the word out about your business is through media exposure. But for many entrepreneurs and small business owners, hiring a PR firm just isn’t in the budget. While you can purchase DIY media kits and lists, the whole process of pitching your business and following up can be exhausting.

Luckily, there are a lot of online sources that regularly feature female entrepreneurs and business owners in interviews and podcasts. So if you want more media exposure for your blog, direct sales business, or startup here are some sites to get in touch with.

But, before you start pitching these media outlets, make sure you follow these steps.

1. Slow Down

Don’t just run through this list and send every single one of these outlets an email pitch. Take your time and research each outlet to make sure it’s a good fit. Dig around and see what types of stories they usually feature, follow them on their social media channels, leave thoughtful comments on their blogs, and share their stuff. Once you’ve done your homework and figured out the best outlets, then think about your story angle.

2. What’s Your Unique Angle? 

Publishers and podcasters don’t want to publish dull and boring material, that’s why it’s up to you to figure out what’s unique about your story.

  • Did you start a successful home business and you homeschool your seven children?
  • Did you grow your Facebook Page to 100K in four months?
  • Did you achieve the six-figure mark in 1o months?

These are topics that people want to know about; they want to see how you were able to do it. Take the time to figure out what’s unique about you and your business. If you don’t have anything noteworthy to share at the moment — wait until you do. You’re much more likely to score media exposure if you have a unique story or something special going on that correlates with a theme that the outlet is covering that month.

3. Sending Your Pitch

When you submit your pitch, be sure to follow all of the directions that the outlet provides. If they don’t have instructions, keep your email short, sweet, and to the point, also be sure to personalize it. Nothing’s worse than receiving an email that starts off, Dear Publisher! And whatever you do — don’t copy and paste your press release into the body of the email. Pitching someone a story idea is very different than submitting your press release to a distribution site. Check out this article from Forbes; it has some great do’s and don’ts for pitching the media.

4. Track Your Efforts

Keep track of your PR efforts by creating a spreadsheet with the outlets you’ve contacted. Include the date of first contact, the email address, website, name, and any other pertinent information. Having a spreadsheet will help keep you organized, and it will prevent you from contacting the same outlet for the same story over and over again. Believe me; I have received the same pitch multiple times from the same organization, and it’s incredibly annoying, unprofessional, and a waste of time for all parties involved.

5. Deliver the Goods

Once you hear back from a media outlet, be sure to follow through on their requests. If they want a written interview back by a specific date, then you better deliver. Missing due dates and submitting sloppy work not only makes you look unprofessional, but it can also destroy your reputation quickly. Be sure to have a professional looking headshot onhand for your interview; you are the face of your business and submitting a grainy photo where you cut your family out of the image isn’t going to make a good impression.

6. Spread the Love

After the piece has gone live, it’s not only thoughtful to send a thank you note to the outlet or individual, but it’s much appreciated when you share the feature via your marketing channels. Spreading the love not only helps you, but it also helps them build their audience and traffic as well.

Now that you know the basics of pitching — you can scope out which sites would be a good fit for your business.

Sites Women Entrepreneurs Can Score Media Coverage:

Ashleigh Blatt

Ashleigh Blatt features successful women entrepreneurs on her Podcast, The Power Squad Project. If you need assistance in your business, you can request a brainstorming session on her podcast for a free consulting conversation.

Biz Women Rock

Biz Women Rock features a weekly podcast called, Business Women Wednesday. To be considered for the podcast series, fill out this form.

Bizzie Living

Bizzie Living has featured women business owners in interviews in the past, I’m not 100 percent certain is she’s still doing features, but it can’t hurt to reach out and see if she’s still accepting guests.


Bloguettes features interviews with successful bloggers and social media influencers. Try contacting them via their contact form for consideration.

Business Among Moms

Julie from Business Among Moms features mom-owned businesses and direct sellers in written interviews on her blog, she also has guest blogging opportunities.

Creative Biz Rebellion

Be on Kelly and Caroline’s podcast, just fill out this form for consideration.

Empower Lounge 

The Empower Lounge features interviews with Rising Stars (women who’ve launched a business but are under the 1 million revenue mark) and Mentors (women who’ve built a 1 million dollar + company).

Female Entrepreneur Association

The Female Entrepreneur Association features interviews with women who are members of their Members’ Club. Currently, there is a waitlist for the Members’ Club.

Freelance Mom

The Freelance Mom features interviews and case studies on her website. I didn’t see directions on how to apply for consideration, by you can try contacting Lisa via her contact form.


HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is a daily email filled with PR queries from bloggers, journalists, writers, magazines, and more. It’s 100 percent free to use. All you have to do is sign up for a subscription and reply to individual PR queries.

Home Office Weekly

Home Office Weekly features profiles of small business owners. To be considered for an interview, write to the editor at [email protected].

Horkey HandBook

On her blog, Gina features success stories from her students, as well as influential freelance writers, bloggers, and virtual assistants.

I Want Her Job 

I Want Her Job features interviews and creative submissions (guest blog posts). To be considered for an interview, fill out their online application form, and for creative submissions send your article to [email protected].

Jess Lively

Jess Lively is looking for “new guests that uplift, inspire, teach, or help us live a bit more intentionally from a consciousness, energy, and flow perspective.”  She is not seeking business-focused guests. If this sounds like you — apply for consideration here.

Jessica Murnane

Jessica Murnane is the Author of One Part Plant. Her One Part Podcast features inspiring minds in wellness, music, food, fashion, and design. Follow the directions on this page to suggest a podcast guest.

Permission to Hustle

Permission to Hustle features Spotlight Hustles from successful women entrepreneurs.


SCORE gives successful business owners the opportunity to be featured on their website, in national or local newsletters, press releases and more. Fill out the form on their website for consideration.

Succeed as Your Own Boss

Melinda Emerson, the “Small Biz Lady” features successful business owners on her Thursday, Twitter Chat, #SmallBizChat. To apply for consideration as a guest, fill out this form. Melinda currently has over 324K Twitter Followers!

The Introvert Entrepreneur 

Beth Buelow is an author, speaker, and professional coach. If you’d like to be considered as a guest for her Introvert Entrepreneur Podcast, fill out this form.

The Tiffany Han

Tiffany Han is a business strategist for highly-creative women. If you’d like to be considered for a guest on her podcast, fill out this form.

The Work at Home Woman 

Yes, here on The Work at Home Woman we occasionally interview women who run businesses from home. We look for success stories with unique angles that we think out audience could learn from. To be considered, email us your story pitch.

Spark & Hustle

Tory Johnson’s Spark & Hustle features Daring Doers — just fill out the required information and questions to be considered.


Web.com features women in business. I couldn’t find how to submit your story, so you may have to do some trial and error when trying to contact them.

WE Magazine for Women 

WE Magazine for Women interviews women entrepreneurs who have owned their own company for at least one year and have a story to share. Your business can be located anywhere in the world but must be least 51 percent woman-owned.

Women on Business

Women on Business used to feature women in business interviews. I’m not sure if they are still doing this, but you can contact them via their online form. Women on Business also accepts guest blog posts.

Work-At-Home Success

Leslie from Work-At-Home Success offers both women and men on her site, media exposure through her Success Story Interviews.

Do you know of a website, podcast, or blog that offers female entrepreneurs media exposure? Feel free to drop your link below.

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