Huawei Mate10: The Best Flagship Chinese Phone in 2017?

Oct 16th, Munich, Huawei unveiled its flagship products in 2017, Mate 10 and Max10 pro.

Since Huawei Mate series targets the High-ends users, focusing on the advanced performance and experience, Mate 10 proves that AI smartphone isn’t as far out in the future as you might expect.

Mate 10 narrower bezel
Mate10 squeezes the camera board and control board, provides a larger aspect ratio.

1.Full-view Display

Follows the “bezel-less” trend in this year, The Infinity display of the 5.9-inches and 2K resolution is an immediate stunner. You can’t shift your eyes from it once you get the favorable experience from it.

It has a nice weight to it thanks to the metal frame around the phone, and the micro-arc glass design on the rear.

2.The First Smartphone with AI

As it develops into a new kind of phone, the Mate 10 is upgraded its processors, KIRIN 970 with NPU(Neural Network Processing Unit), the star of this phone. It equips these 3 flagship phones with AI calculating, that benefits your daily user experience.

Mate 10 excels at learning your use habits and managing the phone resources dynamically. Kirin 970 will forecast your need and make an adjustment by surroundings.

Kirin 970 with NPU technology,can complete the AI calculating faster than CPU and GPU.In Processing the same AI task, Kirin 970 processor can give 50 times energy efficiency and 25 times performance than the Quad Cortex-A73 CPU. The Speed of Image recognize can reach 2000pcs/min.

3.LEICA Dual-camera System

One thing makes the Mate10 jumped out of the mid-range bushes is the Leica dual-camera system. Mate10 is the first dual-camera phone with both wide-angle f/1.6 lens. The one consistent strength of the Mate camera is the details. It has obviously advanced under HDR function: the reduction the noise and smear, naturalize the halo.

Leica Dual camera Mate10
DxoMark marks Mate 10 97 scores for its photograph, ahead of iPhone 8 Plus.
Mate10 has significant strength no matter in the horizontal comparison with Samsung Note8 or the longitudinal comparison with Mate9.

Mate10 gives more surprise to customers by its highlighting features and capital specs than other competitors include Mate 9 and Samsung Note8. Besides the Mate 10, Huawei launched Mate10 Pro and Mate10 Porsche version for feeding the high-end users who prefer the fancy phone with higher budgets.

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